Misty and I met through following each other on social media because we had quite a few mutual friends. Years later (last September) I was photographing a wedding and saw these two in the crowd. I did not expect these two to know the couple I was photographing but I am sure glad they did. Some time during the wedding both of the bride and groom had to leave because they forgot the wedding certificate at home (hahaha kind of cute if you ask me). Well it was mostly drunk shenanigans at this point in the night, so I took a few pictures but took this chance to sit down, people watch and photograph any cute moments. I sat next to Misty and her boyfriend Logan and asked how they were and we talked about cars since we are all into cars. Misty told me she really wanted photos done and I was ecstatic because I was hoping to anyways! A couple weeks later we took family photos up on the Grand Mesa. Her daughter, Cristle, is such a model. She was so easy to photograph because her mom takes photos of her all the time! I would too if I had a cute daughter! After the shoot I walked over to my car to wait for the next session and Cristle got sad. Cristle takes photos of her mom as well and she thought she was being replaced. Misty reassured her she wasn’t getting replaced and let her take a photo of Logan and her by their car. This made Cristle happy again and she told her mom that I inspire her and she wants to grow up to be a photographer like me! I was so flattered when she told me that. (I will show that session on my blog one day.) A pregnancy announcement and months later she told me she wanted to do another session but more for engagement session for their wedding. I got all happy again! We took a while trying to figure out where to do them and how to get a slammed vehicle they wanted to use for the photos but eventually we got it all figured out and came out with these awesome photos. To excite Cristle, I brought my Fujifilm instax mini to the shoot with a pack of film for Cristle to have fun with. The film said it was expired but I tested it out and thought it was still worthy of being used and not discarded. The film comes out not as sharp when it is expired. But that gives it an older artsy look that I think looks great. I had Cristle help take photos with the instax mini. She had so much fun with it. She really loves taking photos. I hope she does end up taking up photography because at this point I might get upset if she doesn’t! I let them keep the film and hopefully they’ll be able to look at these in the future and love the little polaroids. You can see in one of the family photos she’s holding it too. It’s just too cute.

Here’s where you can get your own instax mini: