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      I met Aimee the creator of Hive Five Studios on Muses when she posted a collaboration for her super cute pins. She to give away a pin in trade for an Instagram shoutout. I told her I was a professional photographer and would get really awesome shots of her pins and it would be great to get all six and I will ship them or some of them back. She agreed and with Brandon’s help I have these awesome pictures. I gave her a couple ideas and she liked my In N Out idea which was great because I was wanting to photograph there! Here’s my welcome code for Muses…

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    Misty and I met through following each other on social media because we had quite a few mutual friends. Years later (last September) I was photographing a wedding and saw these two in the crowd. I did not expect these two to know the couple I was photographing but I am sure glad they did. Some time during the wedding both of the bride and groom had to leave because they forgot the wedding certificate at home (hahaha kind of cute if you ask me). Well it was mostly drunk shenanigans at this point in the night, so I took a few pictures but took this chance to sit down,…

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    Hannah contacted me after I posted a model call on instagram. First, we did fashion photos for her modeling portfolio but I offered to do couples photos of them as well. It took a while to get the couples photos booked because of our both busy schedules. I happened to photograph her sister a long time ago in one of my first “Cutest Couples Contest” I usually do every year and she had been following my work ever since. It was a pleasure working with Hannah and she is a great model and soul with such a sweet personality. We decided to take their photos at Scorpion Gulch which seems…

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    Kelly responded to my model call I posted on Instagram back in February. It took a while for us to find a day that worked but, we found the most perfect day. We went to Scorpion Gulch at South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. South Mountain is a very popular spot for photographers. I see another photographer around Scorpion Gulch every time I go! Kelly definitely needs to pursue a career in modeling because I think she would succeed! Hopefully we can meet up in Colorado one day and do another shoot. I really love meeting new people and photographing them. It’s the only time someone trusts you when you first meet them!…

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    The Fukuba family is one I’ve known for only a couple years. I saw them go from dating to married to pregnant to their son Hudson turning one year old! Miranda was my coworker in Aspen, Colorado at this job I had over the summer. I eventually got to meet her boyfriend Danny and instantly thought they were the cutest couple and secretly really wanted to photograph them. I resigned from that job but we continued to be in contact. Oddly enough we both moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and literally live within 3 miles of each other. We went on a double date and she had the cutest baby bump.…

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    I got the honor to photograph Hudson’s first birthday photos. He is such a cutie. I could barely even handle it. First we started with a bunch of balloons in his crib and you can tell he loves balloons. Then we went on to the cake smash. Cake smashes are so fun because most of the time it’s their first experience with cake and they’re not quite sure what to think of it. Hudson was a pro however. He instantly knew what to do and used his cute looks for these adorable photos.  

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