Hi. My name is Stephanie and of all the places on the internet you could’ve ventured to… you ended up here. It means a whole lot to me that you ended up on my website, let alone my about me page. Seriously thank you. I already think you’re the best.

Maybe I’ve photographed you before, or maybe you gave me my life (thanks mom and dad), or maybe you are just bored. But we are now friends and I would like you to stay a while. :]

Welcome to Stephotographyco. My name is Stephanie. I am 27 years old. 2018 has started off very awesome and motivating. Like… I don’t know what happened… but I decided I wanted to rebrand my photography website and turn it into a personal and photography blog and talk about life, photography, travels, and bears OH MY! No. No bears. … Watch there’s going to be a blog post on bears now. Hopefully panda bears. Adding that to my list now… Must add one post about a bear.

Oh I get distracted sometimes. Like the bad kinda distracted. I go to search for a client email and then I click on a Victoria’s Secret email and then I’m putting stuff in my shopping cart and then I am wondering if I should get a medium and then I am like wait what was I supposed to be doing? Then I look around the room and ponder it. I get back on my phone and get on instagram because I got a like notification and now I gotta see which photo it was. Oh. I know what it was. I’m supposed to be writing about me.

I hope to be blogging about my life as it comes. I want to post about my day and what I was wearing that day and if I had something yummy to eat. I want to show towns and restaurants and things you’ve maybe never seen before, even on a personal level. I want to show you your beauty and your worth through my photography. I want to show you how to make cute things for your house or apartment or room in your parents house. Review products or  show brands I love and you’d love too. Stuff. Bunch o’ stuff.

All in all, I talk about the things I love.

I’m a girlfriend to the best boyfriend I’ve ever dreamed of. (Brandon) He complains a lot. I put up with him and he puts up with me. I like that.

I live in Western Colorado. 32 miles from the Utah border actually. Definitely not Utah even though it’s like, right there. Grand Junction, Colorado is home. GJ for short. It’s the biggest city between Salt Lake City and Denver. It’s actually pretty cool I think. A lot of people don’t say great things, those people also don’t try to leave. I’ve moved around but big cities aren’t for me at the end of the day. I don’t like traffic. I don’t know how some of you do it!

I have a associates in applied science degree in professional photography that I got in 2011 from Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, CO. It was so worth it to me. So many people learn from youtube and books but I needed a classroom setting with a couple awesome professors and classmates to critic each other’s work and help each other out. I love photographing people. This blog will challenge me to photograph more of what I am not used to and writing along with my photographic work.

Join me on this journey. Subscribe to my email list. And thanks so much for reading.